The Free Trade Agreement

As tradesman, we see some terrible situations. Families that are financially struggling. Elderly that are endangering their own lives because things just cost too much these days. Single mums having their children all doing their homework on the kitchen bench because none of the bedroom lights work anymore.

Stop and imagine, for just one moment.

Imagine, you’re living in your own home with your disabled child and not having enough money to get the hot water tank repaired. You shower, in freezing cold water all through winter.

Imagine for just 10 seconds. You’re an 83 year old woman who lives by herself. Your war serving husband passed away 20 years ago. You’re living in a black – mould infested unit in that is probably killing you. You know it’s killing you, and you can’t do anything about it but plead to your strata agency to get the ducted exhaust fans fixed – the strata does not have the available funds, yet you have no where else to go, and no family.

Imagine. You’re extremely visually impaired, to the point everything looks like silhouettes and shadows. You have a cockroach infested unit, only one rusted, flickering fluro light in the kitchen works which isn’t providing you enough light to locate your coffee cup. You’re a 90 year old man who used to have many friends but now they’re all dead and you’re alone, and sick, and too proud to ask for help.

These are real people that live on the central coast. It was this 90 year old man that passed away recently that has made us decide to do something about it.

It’s not just for the elderly but anyone who is really up against it in life and could really use a hand.
These are the type of people we want to help.

We are asking the general public to nominate anyone in critical or urgent need of electrical assistance.

We are hoping this will be shared around

We will be providing an annual free day to those who need it the most.

We will provide 40 hours of free labour from 5 tradesman & all parts during our day at absolutely no cost.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

We thank the coast for supporting our business, we feel it’s our time to support the coast.

Will be coming to social media soon. We are aiming at doing this day if successful annually and also building on it with other trades.

Kindness is business.