THE SECRET | Cutting your power bill in half

  • Grab a pair of scissors, and cut the electricity bill directly down the centre…..You’re done, now your electricity bill has been cut in half.
  • No, wait that was a joke. But for legit options, please restore your faith in this blog and continue to read below.
  • Switch off your gadget chargers at the wall (Phones, Shaver’s, iDevices etc) or put them on an individually switched power board, and only switch on the charger you are using. Laser Printers are always warming their fuser rollers, turn them off when not in use, or look for the ‘Power Save’ mode in the manual
  • Select “Eco” Mode with your Air-conditioner when the house has reached the required temperature.
  • Have your computer set to auto-sleep or hibernate automatically when you leave it alone for a period.
  • If you have a decent size hot water tank, make sure it’s on the “Off-peak” Tariff.
  • Beer Fridges (2nd Fridges) are only really needed in Summer months so turn them off in Winter, Spring and Autumn. Tell your wife no one eats watermelon in winter so you can use the extra fridge space for beer and switch off fridge 2 as it saves power.
  • Washing Machine – Use Warm water instead of Hot, or Cold Water instead of warm. Warm Wash Cold Rinse = >$100 per annum saved over hot/warm.
  • Put your laundry outside to dry when it’s warm, instead of using the clothes dryer which is a big consumer of electricity.
  • Outside lights (and even some inside) can be on sensors, so they are only on when necessary.
  • Get an electrician to install a CT meter, which can provide a device such as an I pad, exact figures as to which circuit is drawing how much load. We can even set it up so you know how much certain appliances are drawing.